Chateau Meichtry Winery Tour

Wine Tasting

Every year my family gets together for Labor Day weekend. Since we were in the North Georgia Mountains this year, we took our cousins on the winery tour at Chateau Meichtry. 

We had enough in our group to book a private tour, and it started out with a wine tasting in the side bar. Personally, my favorite is the Norton red blend; everyone in our group found something they liked, and chose their favorite to sip on during our tour.

Winery Tour

Chateau Meichtry is a family owned winery, and our tour was led by one of the owners. We learned how to correctly pronounce “Meichtry”; it’s “My Tree”, it’s my tree, it’s in my yard. So, now you know.

After touring the vineyard, we moved on to learning about winemaking, and more about the history of the winery and their family.

Chateau Meichtry was one of the first wineries Peter and I visited. That day, it was rainy and cold. We could see they had added a new deck, and were working on landscaping. Over a year later, during the Wine Highway, we could see how much work they had done. What a change over the years, and look at them now! I could live on that enclosed deck, looking over the beautiful vineyards. Can’t wait to see what comes next for Chateau Meichtry.

 For more information, check out our page on Chateau Meichtry or visit their website.

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