What to Expect at a Wine Tasting

sharp mountain, winery, tasting
Sharp Mountain Vineyard Tasting Room

Find out what happens at a wine tasting, where to go and what to do. Each one will be a little different, but chances are good you’ll find a wine you like

Before You Leave

Check the website before you go! Wineries in Georgia frequently host weddings and other events, and might be closed early. For example, Monteluce sometimes closes the restaurant early for weddings, and has to turn away customers expecting to have a meal along with a wine tasting. Some places close for winter, some are only open on certain days, so take a few minutes to verify your destination is open when you are planning to visit.

Pick a designated driver, or have someone else drive for you. Peter and I trade off being the designated driver, stay overnight on a winery property if available, or hire someone to drive for our tour. Be safe!

At the Winery

Head to the tasting room. Look for a main building or follow the signs. Depending on how crowded the winery is you may be greeted as soon as you walk in, within a few minutes, or on a busy Saturday, have to make your way up to a server.  Wineries in Georgia, as anywhere else, range in size, and may be hosted by anyone from the owner to a sommelier to a local college student with an interest in wine.

The Tasting

How is the tasting set up?

cavendar creek, north georgia wine, tasting
Wine tasting set up at Cavender Creek Vineyards
  • A list of wines included in the tasting for a set price. May include a choice of tastings; for example, a red flight, a white flight and a mixed flight
  • A list of many available wines, with a price set for a certain number, and you choose which wines you would like to try

If you’re confused, ask for help, and if the tasting room is busy, ask a friendly looking face for help. I’ve met many wonderful people tasting wine, and many are like me and love to help out.

Enjoy your wine! If you don’t like a wine or feel you’ve had too much, no one will be offended if you pour it into the container (dump bucket) that should be on the counter.

Have a cracker. Many wineries will have a mild cracker available on the bar.  Eat some before the next wine to help cleanse the palate.

After the Tasting

Peter at Fainting Goat Vineyards & Winery

You can buy a bottle of wine, enjoy a glass or two if you’re not driving, and ask the winery to reseal it to take with you. Be aware that according to Georgia law, you may take an open bottle of wine that has been resealed and packaged so that it is apparent if the bottle has been reopened.

What’s your favorite place for wine tastings?

December 20, 2017 by Nancy
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